Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crabapple Prunes Roses Now for Profuse Blooms Later

profusion of roses

Roses are America’s favorite flower. CrabappleLandscapExperts know the key to maintaining strong, healthy roses is timely pruning. 

We follow University of Georgia recommendations to prune roses in February to early-March when the buds begin to swell. This way Crabapple can easily tell which branches have life and which have to be removed. It’s safe to cut back roses without causing cold damage. And removing canes before buds break doesn't waste any of the plants' energy for springtime growth. 

10 Top Reasons Crabapple Prunes Roses 
  • ensures the plants stay healthy and vigorous 
  • produces larger flowers 
  • makes them bloom more profusely 
  • causes strong stems 
  • eliminates dead, diseases and damaged canes 
  • improves airflow when canes from the center of the plant are removed 
  • decreases the chance of fungus or mildew buildup 
  • allows shaping of the overall plant 
  • removes suckers, that is wild canes originating from the rootstock below the graft union 
  • winter clean-up 

How we Prune your Roses

Felco #2 by-pass pruners
Tools of Choice
Sharp by-pass pruners are used on branches ½-inch in diameter or smaller
Long-handles loppers are our choice for thicker canes

We prune weak-growing cultivars lightly, and vigorously-growing plants more heavily, making clean, slanting cuts just above an outward-facing bud. Anvil pruners often squash the stems instead of making clean cuts, so we use sharp by-pass pruners. 

Rose Pruning Involves Two Operations:
Thinning out removes dead, diseased, crowded, crossing or interior canes down to the base of the plant
Shortening back determines the overall shape and height of the plant

To achieve maximum performance from the roses in the landscapes you manage this coming year, call the LandscapExperts to give them a good once-over.770-740-9739.

Dormant rose sold in stores-
we stretch out roots for good growth
Digging Deeper

Some webpages for further reading: All-American Rose Selections

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