Wednesday, January 9, 2013

10 Benefits of Organic Mulch

Crabapple LandscapExperts know that organic mulch benefits plants and the landscape.  

Benefits of Organic Mulch:
1. Moderates soil temperatures like an insulating blanket, keeping soil warmer than the air temperature in the winter and cooler in the summer

2. Moderates soil moisture levels by limiting evaporation of moisture already in the ground

3. Unifies the landscape design by providing pleasing color and texture throughout

4. Reduces erosion and splash-back on residences or walls by softening the impact of raindrops on bare earth

5. Suppresses weed growth by preventing weed seeds from sprouting

6. Enriches the soil by adding nutrients when decomposing, improves the physical properties of the soil and can worked into the beds at the end of the season

7. Encourages the proliferation of earthworms, which aerate the top soil 

8. Provides a zone of protection from string trimmers for tender trunks

9. Cushions the impact of foot traffic

10. Hides irrigation and power lines, valve boxes, outdoor lights and landscaping hardware

How Crabapple LandscapExperts Mulch: 

A blanket of mulch of about 2 – 4 inches and not much more is best. We pull back mulch from touching the trunks of trees or shrubs to prevent them from coming into contact, because  ideal conditions for the growth of fungus disease can be present when they touch. We reduce this possibility by leaving a 3 – 4 inch space between the mulch and the trunks, or an 8 inch space around mature trees. 
Only 2 Reasons Not to Mulch:

1. Ornamental poppy seeds, foxgloves, nigella, and other annuals, perennials and natives like purple cone flower need bare ground to sprout and won't sprout under mulch. So pull back the mulch in an area where wildflower seeds will be scattered. 

2. Pine voles (nasty, stub-tailed, mice-like herbivores) tunnel on top of the soil but under too-thick mulch to gnaw on the crowns of specimen and rare plants, especially during the cold months. 

Don't you agree with Crabapple? We think the benefits outweigh any drawbacks. 

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