Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Leaves of Grass: Benefits of a Beautiful Green Lawn

A green lawn is a valuable asset to any landscape, framing the architecture and providing a restful green oasis. Landscape plantings, including lawn areas around homes and workplaces, have a positive impact on inhabitants. 
Healthy, maintained lawn areas create an inviting view for passers-by and provide a pleasing, natural backdrop for other landscape elements. 
Even the uniform lawn surface provides a sense of coherence and harmony to the entire landscape scene. This peaceful setting contributes to a feeling of well being and can even decrease emotional tension.
Did you know? Restful green lawn areas can reduce:

+ noise levels
+ hot summer temperatures (evapo-transpiration of moisture through the leaves)
+ Carbon dioxide (while increasing Oxygen levels)
+ air conditioning costs
+ glare and light reflection
+ particulate pollution in the air  

Of the two major categories of turf available in Georgia (warm season and cool season) Fescue lawns are a cool season grass that remains green all year. Crabapple LandscapExperts maintain a detailed calendar to ensure that its clients with Fescue lawns receive the best possible service precisely when needed.  Best practices include an application of fertilizer in early Spring (February or March) that continues Fescue’s strong growth up to the hot days of summer.  
When recommending Fescue, Crabapple LandscapExperts recommend improved turf-type Fescue varieties with finer blades and deeper, more vigorous root systems. As a rule, they are more disease and drought resistant, tolerating shade and temperature extremes better than some of the older Fescue varieties.
Fertilizer is carefully selected to best enhance foliar growth, creating a strong, lush, green Fescue lawn. Your LandscapExperts determine the amount of fertilizer by careful soil testing. When indicated, lime is added on a late-summer schedule to balance the acid/basic soil reaction and make sure the Fescue turf efficiently uses recommended fertilizer.
Check with the LandscapExperts to determine if your Fescue lawn needs aeration or overseeding services to reach its maximum potential.