Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Safe Surfaces + Flooring for Playgrounds + Activity Areas

Playgrounds and playing are important alternatives that help reduce childhood obesity and have many different social, emotional and cognitive benefits.The “Voice of Play” website is the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association's  (IPEMA) effort to educate the general public, parents, teachers, and organizations such as Parent Student Teacher Association, PTA, PTO and community groups about the various benefits of play.

But have you thought about what’s underfoot in the active or playground areas of the properties you manage? Safety flooring and safe surfaces are just as important as the playground equipment itself and can prevent serious injuries to children, pre-schoolers, seniors or sports participants. Let Crabapple LandscapEXPERTS help you consider the surfaces and "paving options" available in order to drastically reduce the chances of injury on your properties.  

Rubber Mulch
Crabapple makes available a large selection of playground flooring and we enable you to choose the surfacing solution that is right for you. Your safety needs, design scheme and budget are all important considerations for the LandscapEXPERTS Team.

Some of the choices include:  
  • Traditional wood playground mulch
  • Engineered wood fiber 
  • 12-inch wood fiber or Woodcarpet® mat 
  • Rubber playground mulch 
  • High-performance artificial turf playground surfacing 
  • Soft tile playground surfaces  
  • Poured-in-place surfacing with “curbs” to border the area  can be molded into designs or shapes
  • Swing set mats to control erosion under swings or at the base of slides are a first step

 In addition to playground surfaces, safety flooring is useful on patios, garden walks, decks, swimming pools and green roofing. The materials are useful publically for preschools, community centers, sports complexes, municipal walkways, restaurants and parking garages. We invite you to contact the service team at CrabappleLandscapEXPERTS to discuss the installation of a safe and fun environment.

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