Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Root Prune NOW before Transplanting

NOW is the time to Root Prune Before Transplanting 

Do you have a favorite Japanese Maple tree or woody ornamental of any size that you want bo be moved to another location? If so, call the LandscapExperts a few months ahead of time. This will allow us to come and root prune the root system prior to the actual move. The tree or shrub is more likely to transplant successfully when the time comes to actually transplant it. 

What is root pruning?
Root systems range far and wide, growing in the top 18 - 24 inches of soil, and extending beyond the drip line of the branches and leaves. This is known as the “pancake theory” of root growth. Root pruning involves using a sharpened garden spade to cut a narrow (1-2 inch wide) trench around the trunk(s) in a circle that outlines the future root ball that we intend to dig up when we move the tree or shrub.UGA has a PDF that gives recommendations for approximate sizes of root balls for different types of plants (evergreen shrubs, Japanese maple trees). 

We fill in the narrow trench and leave the tree in place for now, and in the intervening months it will regenerate plenty of feeder roots closer to the trunk, inside the proscribed circle. This guarantees success when the tree is actually moved a few months later, during the winter while it is dormant. So rest assured, the LandscapExperts Team will safely move your favorite shrubs and trees. 

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