Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Nature Indicates Best Planting Time for Bulbs is NOW!

Colorful tulips make a big impact on the landscapes you manage when they flower in the spring. 

Crabapple can add brilliant tulips to your Seasonal Color Beds by planting Spring-flowering bulbs now. Crabapple LandscapEXPERTS Floriculture Manager Chessa Azzolesi says, “We do not install tulip bulbs at the same time we install the fall pansies and cool season annuals. The ground is not yet cold enough, and the days are not short enough then. We install our tulip bulbs in December, usually one to two weeks before the Holidays.”

Some of Nature's “Guidelines” that signal when to plant bulbs 
  • Night temperatures average 40-50 degrees F. 
  • Soil temperatures hit 50-60 degrees F.
  • The UGA / Georgia Tech game has been played
  • Persimmons are ripe on the trees
  • Chickweed begins to appear in the flower beds 
  • Camellia sasanquas are in bloom
  • Tender houseplants are back indoors
  • Cicadas and crickets stop chirping 
  • Gloves are needed when walking the dog 
  • Fall foliage is past its peak and heaps of autumn leaves are on the ground
  • There's a run on fruitcakes at the grocery
  • Christmas wrapping paper goes on sale
  • Christmas Cactus is in bud
  • Crabapple winterizes your irrigation system 
  • Migrating birds fill the skies 
  • Peony foliage is brown and Hosta leaves are on the ground 
  • Car heater is often turned on 
  • Chipmunks and squirrels are actively burying pecans and acorns

Time is short! Call your Crabapple Rep this week at 770-940-9739 to get some Tulip bulbs added to your corporate landscape. 

Digging Deeper

To hear a quick Radio Spot on City Café’ with John Lemley on planting fall bulbs with Geri Laufer, click the link:

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