Wednesday, November 6, 2013

10 Top Landscape Uses for Ornamental Grasses

Muhly Grass

CrabappleLandscapExperts know there are many benefits of using ornamental grasses in landscape design. Grasses are low maintenance and they provide year-round interest; Grasses are fast growing and drought tolerant. They attract wildlife and gently move in the wind.

There are grasses for any type of landscape situation, from drought tolerance, shade resistance, or beautiful ornamental inflorescence. See a dictionary of grasses here

10 Top Landscape Uses for Ornamental Grasses include:

Garden accent- site a specimen plant in a perennial border and create a focal point
Add texture –light and filmy grasses contrast with large-leaf perennials and geometric clipped- shrubbery 
Soften hardscaping- mobile waving of grass and movement is in contrast to solid buildings dramatic effect of 
      mass planting
Dress up decks, pools and patios- formal repetition in containers or casual groupings
Edging- short tufty grasses like blue fescue, grassy substitutes like Liriope, sedge or carex
Make colorful containers - adds a vertical note 
Fall and winter interest- persistent grasses will bleach in sun
Attract wild life - those that eat grass seeds and grains
Groundcover – turf grasses, plus grassy look alikes mondo grass and Liriope
Add privacy - plant a row of tall grasses to screen an area, such as switch grass, reed grass, miscanthus, 
      pampas grass

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