Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Leyland Cypress Swallowed the House

2 Leylands planted too close
are "swallowing" this house. 

Leyland Cypress is a fast-growing evergreen tree that is often used for privacy hedges, windbreaks, and screens, but Crabapple LandscapExperts cautions that its mature size is often overlooked.

Leylands actually grow 50 feet tall in 15 years (!), and the rapid, thick growth produces a dense, dark shade. Young shrubs are almost irresistible because they can be purchased so inexpensively at big box stores. These plants quickly outgrow most residential landscapes unless regularly and severely trimmed, sheared and/or topped. Leyland Cypress grow in both part shade and full sun, and tolerates many soil types, drought conditions and is salt tolerant, however this is an unusually shallow-rooted variety, and can topple in wet soils. 

Photo credit, Boing Boing
from the Guardian
When planting young 3-gallon plants, it may seem overly optimistic to plant them on 30-foot centers, but planting more closely will simply result in overgrown plantings. 

Check with your Crabapple Rep for appropriate plant selection. 

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  1. Oh that Leyland tree looks perfectly healthy. I like that it can give shade and privacy to homeowners but, as seen on the picture It is obvious that the homeowner was not able to maintain trimming the tree that it swallowed some part of their house and it scares me if the house will be fully covered by it. They should cut some part of that Leyland tree.