Wednesday, May 15, 2013

20 Top Orange Flowers for Atlanta Landscapes - Choosing Orange Flowers for the Garden

Orange is an out-of-the-ordinary color for flowers in the landscape, but Crabapple LandscapExperts have developed quite a list of Orange Flowers for metro-Atlanta Landscapes, The color orange is light, brilliant and eye-catching, moving forward in the landscape and really attracting attention. 

Fall-Planted Spring Flowering Bulbs 
Orange Tulips 
Several bulbs come in a rainbow of colors but orange is a little more unusual choice for the landscape. 
Orange Hyacinths like Gipsy Queen are early bloomers, as are orange and yellow or orange and white daffodils. A favorite is Jet Fire, a miniature landscape Narcissus with an orange trumpet and yellow recurved petals that increases or multiplies rapidly from year to year. Orange Ranunculus comes in beautiful double forms, while tall Gladiolus are also pretty in orange as are the unusual Frittillaria.  

Although a woody shrub, orange native azaleas are fragrant, deciduous and unusual in metro-Atlanta landscapes and should be used more often. These hardy shrubs can fill the landscape with fragrance. 

California Poppies are spring annuals that often self-sow after the initial planting.  

More typical orange, spring-flowering herbaceous perennials include the Blackberry Lily or Belamcanda, along with Red Hot Poker or Kniphofia and Primroses or Primula that come in many shades including orange..
Asiatic Lilies
Lilies- Asiatic and Tiger Lilies are planted from bulbs and enliven the landscape. Plant some garlic cloves when installing to repel chipmunks and pine voles and keep them from eating the succulent bulbs. 

Remy Martin Rose
Roses - there are plenty of orange roses, ranging from coral through orange through pumpkin to red-golds. Crabapple chooses disease-resistance whenever available. 

Triple Orange Daylilies
Marigolds - small French or large African - are annuals and readily available at any plant shop and bloom reliably all summer. . 
Daylilies are one of the easiest to grow, long-lasting perennials for sun or shade and wet or dry conditions, and while orange is the original "wild" color, there are many options such as ruffled edges, diamond-dusting, picotee or other markings. 
Lantana 'Miss Huff' is a hardy selection of the shrub for metro-Atlanta. 
Butterfly weed is also known as Milkweed or Asclepias tuberosa and is important to plant for Monarch butterfly larvea to feast on. Other familiar orange perennials include Geum, Helenium, Tithonia and Cosmos. 

Dahlias, grown from tuberous roots, are available in a wide variety from large Cactus style to small pompom sizes and varieties with many oranges. Other plants that flower into the fall include Gerber Daisies, perennial 
Hibiscus and Flowering Maple or Abutilon. 

Foliage Color
aPerhaps most beloved for its brilliant fall color, Sugar Maple foliage is a bright contrast with a blue sky. Closer to earth is the riotous fall color of Fothergilla. 

Bignonia Tangerine Beauty
Crossvine or Bignonia blooms in spring and smells like "mocha",  while the Trumpet Vine or Campsis blooms in summer. Coral Honeysuckle vine is not invasive or aggressive. All of these orange tubular-shaped flowers attract hummingbirds. 

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