Wednesday, April 17, 2013

20 Top Blue Flowers for Atlanta Landscapes - Choosing Blue Flowers for the Garden

Blue is an elusive color for flowers in the landscape, but Crabapple LandscapExperts have developed quite a list of Blue Flowers for Atlanta Landscapes starting with fall-planted spring-flowering bulbs.

Fall planted Spring Flowering Bulbs
Ipheion Rolf Fiedler Star flower
'Rolf Fiedler' is the bluest of the Blue Star Flowers, which include the straight species that ranges from white through blue, as well as the silvery-blue variety 'Wisley'. Other blue flowering bulbs include thhe multi-flowered Festival Hyacinths, diminutive Grape Hyacinths, later blooming Spanish Hyacinths and the long-lasting blue Anemones.

Spring Annual Flowers
Blue Bachelor Button 
Next comes the Spring annuals that self-sow after a season or two of planting. Select only the Blue Bachelor Buttons, as they also come in pink and white shades. Another spring annual is Nigella also known as Love-in-a-Mist, a romantic name for its ferny, filmy cloud of finely cut foliage.

Spring Perennials
Mertensia virginiana, VA Bluebells
Blue Spring perennials begin with early flowering Lungwort or Pulmonaria, the ephemeral Virginia Bluebells and the lilttle native Crested Iris 'Powder Blue Giant'.

Irises of Early Summer
tall bearded Iris
Early summer brings the Iris family- including Siberian Iris and Tall Bearded Iris in shades of blue to navy. A little Iris is the native Crested Iris, which enjoys a moist, woodland soil.

Many Blue Flower Choices in Summer
In the summer time light blue plumbago, the herb Borage has sky blue flowers that can be floated on lemonade or frozen in ice cubes. An almost-blue is Lavender, in bloom in Late April to May. A powder blue flower is the tender  the smallest iris Blue-eyed grass or Sisyrinchium, Blue Flax Geranium Rozanne, and the stately spires of Delphinium -- treated as a cool season annual in #Atlanta.

Morning Glory
Blue Vines
Blue flowered vines include Passion Flower and Morning Glory, shown at left.

Let us concentrate on Blueberry bushes in July.

Blue for Autumn
In fall blue Asters and blue Ageratum - also known as  floss flower - prevail, along with the blue fruits of the semi-rampant porcelain berry vine.

Winter Blues
Oregon Grape Mahonia berries
In winter we must be satisfied with the blue-green foliage of Arizona Cypress and Blue Boy Holly, along with the blue berries of Oregon Grape Mahonia, pictured at right.

Blues add depth to the landscape pallette.

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