Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cool Season Winter Color

Metro-Atlanta properties that CrabappleLandscapExperts maintain enjoy moderate winter temperatures and a full array of cold season color in the form of annuals and biennials to brighten up the landscape even during the “dead of winter”

Crabapple can recommend many unusual color choices in  addition to the more familiar ones. 

Flower List
Violas (also known as “multflora pansies”) and Pansies are the first cool season annuals that come to mind. These flashy violet relatives bloom in color beds from October through April as though it were summer.

Daisy-like Calendulas come in shades of orange, yellow or peach and brighten up winter days. They are named for the calendar, and are said to bloom in every month of the calendar year.

Brilliant yellow Wallflowers (Cherianthus) can be recognized by their 4 petals. They are members of the Cruciferae Family (root word, cruci or cross-like and much more descriptive and helpful that the more modern Brassicaceae)   

Snapdragons in a rainbow of colors from white and yellow to pink and dark red come in tall or short growing varieties.  

Colorful Veggies
Rainbow Chard 
As far as the vegetables go, Rainbow Chard has a rich, fleshy texture and a bit of height.

Flowering Kale also  adds color to the winter landscape.

Brilliant emerald green of parsley is both beautiful and edible. 

Cilantro prefers cool weather, and doesn’t bolt (go to seed) as it does in hot weather.

Flowering Cabbage
Flowering Cabbage heads turn lavender or white and weather Atlanta winters beautifully. Eventually they will produce a flower stalk (known as bolting) but not until hot weather arrives.  

Unfortunately many weeds are also cool season annuals. They are wild-sown in late summer or early fall and sprout in winter or early spring. Crabapple is on top of this challenge with pre-emergent herbicide that is applied before they sprout will control winter annual weeds in turf.

For more information about adding cool season annuals to the properties you manage, contact your Crabapple LandscapExpert Rep at 770-740-9739. 

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  1. This post was divine! I love the beautiful pink, purple and blue hydrangeas. And the one with the long tables full of them - it was magical. Wonderful and great blog post! :)

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