Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Steel Edging of Landscape Surfaces, Part 2

Unobtrusive steel edging strip between path and bed

Although the typical property manager or resident may not realize just why a Crabapple landscape looks so great, our crisp edging of lawns, paths, gardens and flower beds plays a big role in maintaining the desirable tailored look.  One method of edging is Trench Edging or Air Root Pruning.  

Another edging option we recommend is mechanical metal edging. 

Steel edging provides a lasting landscape edge for commercial and residential projects, ideal because of its strength, durability and flexibility.  The steel edge that defines the interface between landscape surfaces helps in mowing and creates a well-groomed, well-defined look along the borders.

Benefits of Steel Edging
  • Clean lines 
  • Minimal intrusion 
  • Will not rot, chip or become brittle in cold weather 
  • Withstands routine landscape maintenance with its uniform thickness and weight 
  • Protects trees from “string trimmer and lawnmower blight” 
  • Installs quickly and easily, for straight runs or curves 
  • Keeps disparate materials like pebble paths and pine straw beds separated

Brick edging for turf
Another method of mechanical edging is by the use of bricks set in mortar to provide a mowing edge. Consult your Crabapple Rep to discuss this type of feature.

Our LandscapExperts wear protective footwear and eye protection, and follow the manufacturers’ safety instructions. Crabapple LandscapExperts has a great safety record of working smart and efficiently for you.  

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