Wednesday, September 19, 2012

8 Reasons for Rejuvenation Pruning of Drastically Overgrown Shrubs

Are overgrown shrubs draped across windows or overhanging sidewalks on the properties you manage?  Correct and timely pruning is essential for proper maintenance of commercial and residential landscapes.

Trees and shrubs should be examined annually and your Crabapple LandscapExperts Rep can help with this. If pruning has been overlooked for several years, or if previous maintenance companies have sheared the plants into “green meatball shapes” over the life of the community, Crabapple can remedy the problem. Winter is the best time to take care of remedial pruning. During this time of year, Crabapple can cut back severely, in some cases 50%) without worry to reduce the size of overgrown plants. 

To prune successfully, Crabapple LandscapExperts 1.) knows why to prune, 2.) knows when to prune and will suggest the correct timing, and 3.) knows how to prune and you can rely on us to follow the correct techniques. 

8 Top Reasons to Prune

Crabapple LandscapEXPERTS know that pruning is necessary to maintaining a healthy, vigorous tree or shrub.

1. Maintain or reduce plants to manageable size—pruning can prevent a plant from overgrowing its spot in the landscape and intruding on sidewalks or obstructing buildings or windows.

2. Eliminate dead, diseased or broken branches- maintain shape, vigor and health of handsome mature greenery

3. Reveal the true shape of shrubs- restore the graceful natural beauty of shrubs that have been sheared into squares or cubes in the past or "inverted" hedge pruning that shades out bottom branches

4. Remove undesirable growth- removal of weak, overcrowded growth and crossing or rubbing branches to open up the center of the shrub and improve air circulation inside the plant. 

5. Rejuvenate and restore old plants to vigorous growth – youthful, natural growth habit

6. Prevent damage to life and property- hazards to property, painted facades and overhead wires can be eliminated by proper pruning

7. Improve security - overgrown shrubs can conceal unauthorized break-ins at vulnerable points like windows 
8. Stimulate flowering and fruiting- new wood is younger and often more floriferous

Call your Crabapple LandscapExperts Rep to schedule an evaluation of overgrown shrubs and trees on the properties you manage and suggest the appropriate treatments. Our phone number is 770-740- 9739, and thank you!   

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  1. Pruning also prevents further infection if it was on its way to any form of it, just like raising a child there are ways you have to cut it down to size and shape it.

    -Ken Nicely
    Tree Pruning Brooklyn