Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Landscape Features and Garden Ornaments

Crabapple LandscapExperts often work with property managers and Homeowners Associations to enhance the grounds we maintain. One way to upgrade a landscape is to consider adding appropriate garden ornaments. These can complement, organize, embellish, adorn, and/or protect garden spaces within the community. Above and beyond well-grown, beautiful lawns, flower beds, trees and plantings, Crabapple can help lower the costs of urban congestion in terms of mental and physical well-being by assisting you to provide a beautifully ornamented landscape.

There are a number of categories of landscape features and garden ornaments
  • Personal expression – mosaics, bottle trees, window frames, containers
  • Utilitarian statements– walkways, stepping stones, edgings, fire pits, dining areas, fences, gates, stairs
  • Artistic features –statues, fountains, ponds, wind chimes, gazing balls
  • Relaxation – benches, patios, gazebos, porches, hammocks, swings, play structures
  • Meditation – mazes and labyrinths, sundials, walls, wells, seating

These types of landscape features and garden ornaments are best coordinated with the architecture and scaled appropriately to seamlessly fit into the landscape.  Consult your CrabappleRep about adding any of these garden ornaments.  


  1. Our wind chimes please the eye and delight the ear, keeping you in touch with the subtle variations in your surroundings and marking the changes that take place throughout the day. For some of us these sounds are company, to others they act as calming, meditational notes. garden ornaments