Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Curb Appeal: Crabapple Earns an A+ from Atlanta BBB

 Property managers and Homeowners Association Reps have a great lawncare option with Crabapple LandscapExperts serving all of metro-Atlanta. Crabapple has been in business 20 years and has earned an A+ on a scale of A+ to F from the Atlanta Better Business Bureau for our professional landscape services. Before hiring a firm to straighten out edging or prune trees, become an educated consumer by consulting with a Crabapple Rep to determine what services will best highlight the properties you manage, rendering them more attractive and boosting your curb appeal.

Choosing The Best Landscape Services 

Some lawn maintenance companies just mow the lawn, while others specialize in beautiful seasonal color beds, installation of ornamental shrubs or tree pruning. Crabapple LandscapExperts does all that and much more.

First, each property under our care is evaluated and then provided with a tailor-made plan.  
  • Crabapple offers basic packages of year-round maintenance that include turf mowing, fertilizing, trimming, edging and weed control of any variety of lawn that grows in metro-Atlanta. Our lawn care Techs can even use varied mowing patterns to draw attention to a focal point of your choice. 
  • Our Seasonal Color Team plants brilliantly colorful annuals to accent your properties. 
  • Crabapple enlists highly trained Arborists to help with your questions and who can repair, restore to health, or remove challenging trees. 
  • Irrigation is an important aspect of our maintenance, and our Irrigation Specialists keep your system in top shape, trouble free and delivering the optimum amount of water during dry periods. 
  • While lawn maintenance is a relatively simple science, outdoor pest and disease control requires more skill and certification by our LandscapExperts Team. 
  • Naturally, seasonal clean-up and mulching services are available. Crabapple recycles all green materials in our composting facility at HQ.
  • A drainage plan for your properties, erosion control and maintenance of water detention ponds, along with waterfowl disbursement is yet another aspect of Crabapple’s services.  
 Checklist for Prospective Property Managers or HOAs
Interviewing the property manager and understanding their goals, along with an evaluation of the needs of the particular lawn, trees, woody ornamentals and flowering plants on the property, helps us to know what options to suggest. A few of the questions in our evaluation of prospective properties include: 

  • Type of Turf? 
  • Factors that influence when and how often to provide mowing, mulching, fertilizing and pruning? 
  • Integrated Pest Management Services to determine whether cultural controls or a pesticide is needed 
  • Preferred types of weed control? Georgia certified pest controls are safe for children and pets.

Our LandscapExperts Team is insured, licensed and bonded to set your mind at ease, and our 20 years of award-winning performance and credentials make Crabapple the best property care option in metro-Atlanta.

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