Wednesday, December 14, 2011

5 Essentials of Winter Tree Care

Crabapple LandscapExperts recommend minimizing stress on trees during the cold months, even though they seem to be in “a state of hibernation”.

Whenever temperatures are above freezing, roots will grow in the soil and evergreen foliage will transpire moisture, so a little care during the cold months goes a long way. We water trees during periods of winter drought, just as in summer. A little irrigation is essential, especially on newly planted, young trees.

A “blanket” of organic mulch goes a long way to protect roots by acting as an insulation to retain moisture and reduce temperature fluctuations.  

We protect trees from deer and rabbit damage by wrapping trunks in hard plastic or hardware cloth.

Damage from cold temperature extremes is avoided by wrapping trunks in burlap or plastic tape.

Finally, winter is a good time to prune trees, as the leaves are gone and it is easier for our LandscapExpert Team to see the overall structure and scaffold branches, and to prune out problem branches. Pruning keeps trees growing, relieves stress and eliminates crossing branches.

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