Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crabapple's Simple 3-Step Recipe for Showy Containers

Get rid of the mystery! Learn the simple 3-step method that Crabapple LandscapExperts use for sure-fire, fail-proof containers filled with beauty that enhance the residential communities and spotlight rental offices and luxury hotels in our care.

Initially, a suitable container is selected to enhance the surrounding architecture and gardens. The materials might be chosen to blend harmoniously with the buildings and hardscapes, or might be a vivid contrast chosen to set off the surrounding landscape and make a statement.

The key to successful containers is the size; they should be large to encompass enough soil to support a number of plants, to maintain moisture and temperature levels, plus containers must have drainage holes at the bottom to let out excess water.  

The plants are chosen with expert care to provide a long bloom season, a compelling color scheme and months of eye-catching beauty.

In the containers the LandscapExperts place: 

Thrillers. The “star performer” of the container, the Thriller is the tallest, most striking plant in the center of the planting, often with bright flowers or variegated or architectural foliage that draws attention.  

Fillers. Billowing, fine-textured plants are chosen to surround  and set off the main plant while adding color and mass to the overall composition. A number of fillers are typically included to add interest and variation.  

SpillersSpillers are trailing plants that cascade over the container edge to the ground, softening the look and visually anchoring the pot to its surroundings.

Crabapple LandscapExperts create lush compositions in our containers, considering scale, color, texture and form. Thrillers are approximately 2/3 the height of the container, while the overall mass is also in proportion to the space.

Now, while the hot summer plantings are in their full glory, is when you should be thinking about having containers planted for fall and winter. Rely on your LandscapExperts to create the perfect container plantings for your property.   

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