Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Benefits of Sharp Mower Blades: Research Update

Crabapple LandscapExperts know all about the value of keeping mower blades sharp! Dull mower blades:


● reduce the visual quality of turf because they shred the tips of the grass blades, producing a discolored cast
● increase disease susceptibility of the lawn, due to the creation of entry sites for pathogens at the tattered leaf tips
● cause growth to slow
● decrease water usage(!) Nebraska researchers Drs. Don Steinegger and Robert Shearman found that turf cut with a sharper blade actually used 33 percent more water than the turf mowed with a dull blade. They think this is due to the slower growth rate of the turf mowed with a dull blade. The researchers caution that using a dull blade isn’t the most pragmatic way to conserve water, noting that reduced visual quality, greater disease and slower growth more than offset the benefits of lower water use.
 ● most surprising, Steinegger and Shearman found that sharp mower blades cut fuel consumption by 22 percent. It makes sense that a dull blade would produce more resistance, but this study shows that the difference in fuel consumption is more than a theoretical consideration.
What this research means to Property Managers
By keeping their equipment in top condition, Crabapple LandscapExperts provide the best possible treatment for lawns and golf courses under their care. Mowing is accomplished efficiently, allowing us to concentrate on other aspects of the landscape, and overall cost savings. For more information, contact your Crabapple Rep. 

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