Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Annual Color Beds for Shady Properties

Crabapple LandscapExperts know, although twice as many bedding plants thrive in sun, there are many shade-loving annual bedding plants that can add vibrant splashes of color to shady or partially shaded areas of your landscape. Shade is welcome during the hot summer months, whether provided naturally by trees or by man made structures such as gazebos and arbors. Shade can be dappled or dense, and sometimes sunny mornings are followed by shady afternoons.

Shade-loving annuals are a joy because they provide many interesting textures as well as foliage and flower colors. Crabapple LandscapExperts take best advantage of a large pallet of bedding annuals for shade.

Perhaps the most familiar annual for shady spots is Impatiens, perfect for providing season-long drifts of color beneath trees or among shrubs. White, coral or bright or pale pinks bring light and color into dark areas of the property, adding the “wow factor’. 

The colorful "marbled" or "painted" leaves of Coleus are a great old standby that is ideal for shade. This attractive foliage plant, with ever-new introductions, is great for containers and underplanting. Because the leaves provide the color, there is no need to depend on flowers that may come and go, and that are actually small and insignificant in this member of the Mint Family. (New Sun Coleus are also available.)

The large, arrow-shaped leaves of Caladiums are a delightful addition to brighten up shady areas or bring a tropical look to the garden with their outstanding foliage color and texture. Beautifully veined white or pink leaves, sometimes enlivened with green, pink or red, light up the garden.  

Wax Begonias add a cheery note to shady spots, with bronze or green leaves and myriad small white, pink or red flowers.  Light colors show up especially well in shade. 

Ask the Floriculture Team at Crabapple LandscapExperts to evaluate your location and suggest  the plants that will do the best for your property, yielding a beautiful, colorful landscape and many appreciative residents.

Impatiens- Wiki Commons
Coleus- Garden Amateur

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